Hi, I’m Molly

Educator | Performer | Life-Long Learner

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Teaching Philosophy

I believe in creating a classroom community for learners of all backgrounds, which promotes curiosity, character development, experiential learning, and creativity. I have extensive training in creating an inquiry-based classroom that builds independent learning skills and encourages emotional autonomy.

I am committed to building positive educational relationships and providing valuable learning opportunities outside the classroom, as evidenced by leadership positions held in a wide variety of extracurricular activities.

Why I teach:

  • Because I love exploring new worlds and concepts through children’s eyes
  • Because I enjoy working in a dynamic, fast-paced environment
  • Because I derive a rich sense of purpose by laying the foundation for our future
  • Because I believe that teaching is what I was called to do

How I teach:

  • I plan with the end in mind.  I begin with, “How will this engage us, and what will meeting our goals look like?”
  • I create a safe environment where students are encouraged to take risks and question what is possible
  • We explore beyond our classroom and school environment to make real-life connections with what we are learning
  • I tailor my units to reflect student interests, backgrounds, and curiosities using modern inquiry-based frameworks

Who I teach:

  • Every student deserves to have their feelings recognized and respected
  • Encouraging effort and diligent work habits that emphasizes a growth mindset over natural ability, is vital to long-term success
  • Every learner deserves a teacher, a classroom, and lesson that focuses on their unique traits and abilities

What I teach:

  • Early childhood literacy and numeracy, which are the foundations that the rest of our learning is built upon
  • Emotional intelligence and character development through stories, role modelling, and conversations
  • Topics and essential questions that connect our learning to the world around us
  • The embracing of curiosity and self-driven learning 

How I measure effective education:

  • How excited my students are to come into class everyday
  • Student assessments that emphasize relative growth instead of a simple percentage-based achievement scale
  • Measurement of outcomes that inform my instruction, (something that explains to students what and why it is being measured) and 
  • Willingness of my students to engage with informal and formal learning outside of class

Favourite Education Books

The Whole Brain Child
Smartest Kids In The World
The Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth

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